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Battery Operated Suction Machines for Ambulances

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Manual Suction Handy type 7B-1 Yuwell

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7B-1  mannal suction device
The hand suction unit is mainly used in different levels of hospital to absorb the phlegm, purulence, blood. With the advantage of small size, light weight, easy to carry and use, also no electricity powder needed, the unit is perfect for remote area, clinic in village, in home care, first aid in open country and operation without no electricity powder.

Maxiaspeed 6.4p 4000xml Dual Jar 3A Italy

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Surgical aspirator working with network electricity to be used for aspiration of body liquids

EVO Battery Operated Professional portable high flow – high vacuum aspirators with integrated rechargeable batteries. It works at 12 V power supply with rechargeable batteries or directly by mains supply, continuously at 110-230 V while recharging batteries. Up to 45 minutes of autonomy with fully charged battery. Made in Italy.

Suitable for transport carrying use.

Showing all 4 results

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