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Bipap Machine / ST.Mode Foras Medical Turkey

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Can be used in clinical settings / hospitals / sleep laboratories.

Full face mask for CPAP/BIPAP Besmed Taiwan

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The BestSleep™ series of CPAP mask provide a good quality of CPAP mask for the patients who suffer from Obstructive sleep Apnea (OSA).


  • Blue gel of forehead design to make sure the best comfort and tight sealing.
  • Swivel 360 degree of elbow rotation connector provide a flexibility and freedom of moving when sleeping.
  • Double layers of medical grade silicone cushion prevent leakage.

Latex Free head gear provides an easy way to attach and dis-attach

Galemed Full face mask for CPAP/BIPAP Taiwan

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Features Full-face design to cover mouth and nose.

Offers continuous positive airway pressure for treating obstructive sleep apnea (breathing pauses during sleep).

Soft silicone cushion for better comfort and seal.

Double swivel design provides more flexibility and comfort for patient during sleep.

Built-in 4.0M port for pressure monitoring, CO wash-out or oxygen supply.

2 Easy-release strap and crown provides extra comfort while securing the mask without a chin strap.

Easy one-step removal of headgear makes the process quick and comfortable.


Nasal mask for CPAP/BIPAP Mirage FX Resmed

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With only four parts, ResMed’s Mirage FX nasal CPAP mask is light weight, compact, and easy to clean and easy to use. The “butterfly wing” forehead support is designed to allow only the headgear and no plastic to come in contact with the skin. The easy squeeze-tab elbow allows you to easily connect and release the tubing from the mask.

The ResMed Mirage FX nasal mask offers the perfect balance of lightweight comfort, premium performance and simplicity. Built with your convenience in mind, the Mirage FX is made up of only four parts, making it effortless to use, clean and reassemble. It’s also engineered to deliver maximum comfort while you sleep — the patented dual-wall, Spring Aircushion is soft on your face, and the ultra-flexible forehead support reduces contact with your skin

Nasal mask for CPAP/BIPAP Turkey

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Nasal mask for CPAP/BIPAP Turkey

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a)It’s simple but can brings a great fit and comfort to the patients.

b)It has special design construction,so it’s easy to assemble and disassemble when washing it.

c)It‘s durable and easy to wear with a headgear.

d).The price is very good too.Try it,you will have a good experience.


f)It’s easy to clean.

g)Come along with a good quality headgear for free.

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