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Portable lungs functions testing device best for clinical & higher institutions

Incentive Spiro meter Tri Ball Besmed Taiwan

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Incentive Spirometer (Tri Ball)

Besmed Inventive Spirometers are used to help patients perform and monitor their own post-surgical breathing exercises. The patients are encouraged to breathe in from the devices as slowly and as deeply as possbile.


  • Improving the patients’ lung expansion by training their inhaled lung volumn.
  • Three color coded balls inside the chamber can insentive the patients.

Spirometer SP-1 Schiller Switzerland

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Spirometer SP-1 Schiller Switzerland

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SP-1 Spirometer:

Simply breathtaking! The SPIROVIT SP-1 is a unique solution to simplify complex lung function testing. The high resolution user-friendly screen displays real-time flow/volume loops and detailed measurement matrices. The data can be either printed within seconds or transmitted to a PC.

Features and Benefits

  • FVC, SVC, MV and MVV measurement
  • Integrated program for pre/post-comparison, bronchospasmolysis and monitoring of challenge tests
  • Simple operation
  • Internal memory for up to 100 tests
  • Built-in mains and battery operation
  • Ready-to-file reports within seconds on 3.5″ (90mm) paper
  • Comparison of predicted and actual values
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Data transmission via built-in RS-232 interface to PC-based data management program SEMA for longterm storage, retrieval and trending
  • Everything in one box…memory, battery, printer, patient incentive screen
  • Meets ATS/ERS standards
  • High quality accessories for maximum precision, e.g. absolute humidity insensitive (SCHILLER sensors) SP-20 or SP-150

Showing all 3 results

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