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SM960-C Stand-alone clinical Memory audiometer

The SM960-C is a clinical memory audiometer with two channels. The audiometer can be used for pure tone and speech audiometry. The audiometer is operated via the front panel where the operator can control all features and settings of the audiometer. The audiometer can be connected to an external printer via the parallel port on the back panel or to a PC via the serial port.

Easy data management with Oscilla® AudioConsole 

It is possible to connect the SM960-C to Oscilla® AudioConsole via the the serial port on the back panel of the audiometer. With AudioConsole, it is possible to store test results in the patient database, export data to patient journaling systems and generate customised PDF reports.

The SM950 is a diagnostic audiometer with air/bone conduction and integrated memory for storing up to 100 tests. The SM950 provides the user with the opportunity to perform manual hearing tests as well as a number of automatic tests.

Small footprint for increased portability

Thanks to the small footprint of the SM950 audiometer, it takes up little space in a clinic and can also conveniently be used for home visits to patients, in sattelite clinics or in practically any other working environment. The audiometer is therefore an optimal choice for hearing professionals who need a compact device for either stationary use or use in different locations.

Dual control for stand-alone and PC-based operation of the SM950 audiometer

SM950 can be used as a stand-alone and as a PC-based audiometer. The integrated Dual Control feature provides users with full flexibility in operation as users can switch between modes of operation according to needs. In order to operate the SM950 audiometer from a PC, Oscilla AudioConsole software must be installed. Additionally, AudioConsole provides a number of extra tests such as Weber test via. bone conduction, the ear protection test for occupational health professionals and the xx dB auto test and xx dB random auto test.

SM910 Stand-alone screening audiometers for manual testing

The SM910 is screening audiometers for manual hearing tests. The SM910 is powered by an external power supply.

Portability and ease-of-use 

The small footprint of the SM910 make them ideal for hearing professionals, who need a basic and portable audiometer for quick manual hearing screening tests in various locations. The audiometers are operated via noise-free push buttons on the front panel, operation is easy and intuitive and will provide the user with quick and reliable test results.

Showing all 3 results

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