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Slit Retinoscope Halogen 2.5V C-handle Riester Germany

ri-scope® L Retinoscopes

Renowned optics to measure refraction

ri-scope® L retinoscope –  a premium, hand-held instrument with renowned optics and reduced reflection, available with Xenon illumination and a wide range of power supply options. Errors of refraction, such as short and long-sightedness, as well as astigmatism can be recognised and determined.

Streak Retinoscope Rechargeable Table Top SR24D Zumax UK 

Product Discription:

Retinoscope Rechargeable  SR 24 D Zumax

The SR24D rechargeable retinoscope is designed exclusively to determination of the refraction of the eye. The streak retinoscope is found by most practitioners to be easy to use,fast,accurate and especially valuable in determining the axis of astigmatism.

  1. It has a separate control fro steak width and streak rotation. Streak width never changes while rotating.
    2. Dependable,constant automatic safe charging for Li-ion rechargeable handles.
    3. The powerful,bright bulb ensures easy recognition of neutralisation.
    4. 100% Dustproof Housing Maintenance-free operation.
    5. The lowest position gives a divergent beam.
    6. The highest position focuses the streak at a distance of about 25cm in front of the retinoscope.
    7. Battery Run: 3.5 hours continuous
    8. Battery Life: approximately 1 year
    9. Bulb:3V,2W.
    10. Electrical safety: complying with IEC601-1.


Showing all 2 results

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